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State Bank of Hyderabad
Chennai Main Branch, Ground Floor,45,II Line Beach, Chennai-600001 Contact 09940002546 / 044-25341215,25397117 Branch Manager
Auction ID: #00002754
Borrower Name: M/s.Mohan Breweries and Distilleries Ltd.
Institution: State Bank of Hyderabad
Property type: Factory land & building
Location Details: Survey Nos.45/1,45/2, 45/3, 45/6, 45/7, 45/8, 46/1, 46/2,46/3,46/4,46/5,46/6,46/7,46/8,50/5,55/1,55/2,55/3,55/4,56/1,56/2,56/3,56/4,56/6 and 56/7, Thattanchavady village, Oulgaret commune Panchayat, Puduchery.
Brief Details: Factory land & buildings constructed thereon having an extent of 11.69.50 hectares (i.e) 521 grounds 168 sq.ft.
Inspection of the property : 05-08-2014 from 11.00a.m. to 3.00p.m.
Reserve Price: Rs.27.00Crores
Auction Date and Location: 14/08/2014 11.30a.m.to12.30p.m. at Online E-Auction :

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Chetput Branch, Kilpauk, Chennai Contact 044 - 26411562 / 26425711 / 9444391006 Chief Manager - Authorised Officer
Auction ID: #00001958
Borrower Name: M/s.S.R.Minerals
Institution: INDIAN BANK
Property type: House
Location Details: Door No.82,Karudapalaya Street,T.R.Patinam,T.R.Patinam Revenue Village, Karaikal District, Tamil Nadu.
Brief Details: House constructed (plinth area Ground Floor 286 sq.mtrs., First floor 188 sq.mtrs. including Electricity and water connection with meters with Manaikut area measuring 04A 78 ca or 5143 sq.ft.
Reserve Price: Rs.94.50 Lakhs
Auction Date and Location: 03/12/2013 3.30p.m.to4.30p.m. at Indian Bank,Chetput Branch,812,Periyar E.V.R.High Road,Kilpauk,Chennai..

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Union Bank Of India
Asset Recovery Branch, No.139, Broadway, Chennai Contact 044 - 23460706 Authorised Officer
Auction ID: #00001125
Borrower Name: M/s.Boss Profiles Ltd.
Institution: Union Bank Of India
Property type: Factory & building-Plant & Machinery
Location Details: R.S.No.205/6, R.S.No.205/8, R.S.No.217/4, R.S.No.263/3, R.S.No.265/118, R.S.No.205/6, Sorakudi Village, Thirunallar Comune, Karaikal, Registration District of Pondicherry.
Brief Details: Factory land and building alongwith Plant & Machinery & Electrical Installations.

Reserve Price : Rs.34.44 Crores
E.M.D.: Rs. 3.44 Crores
Reserve Price: Rs.34.44 Crores
Auction Date and Location: 28/02/2013 12.00 Noon at Union Bank of India, Asset Recovery Branch, No.139, Broadway(Prakasam salai), Chennai - 600108..

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